Skin care tips
Jul 25, 2018

1. Cleaning: Advocating "HD HD"

Modern men's life is busy and dynamic, and they have to work hard for a long time, and they need to maintain strong energy whenever and wherever possible. But sweat and greasy are like men's "tailworms", as if they can never be lost. Therefore, cleaning is the first essential point of men's skin care. The feeling of "high-definition cool" can restore the coolness of men! With the ORUYA cleansing products for men, as long as brushing your teeth, 2 times a day, 3 minutes each time, you can Let your skin regain its "clear" feeling in the soft, smooth foam after thoroughly infiltrating, removing dirt, sweat and excess oil. Skin care after shaving is an important step in men's skin care.

2. Clean up: I want to be "most comfortable"

The second step after cleaning is to clean the cortex. Men rarely use firming water, but it is as necessary as aftershave. Firming water can help to further remove residual oil from the epidermis, astringe pores and maintain a weak pH of the skin. Some moisturizing lotion can further soften the skin, use it after cleansing and shaving, and feel more comfortable. It can also prevent "endogenous whiskers" or allergies caused by shaving.

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